What are Common Online Tutoring Strategies?

Online Tutoring StrategiesWhile planning tutoring online session, you should know the overall tutoring strategies. Here are few most common tutoring strategies that are in place:


Questioning is the way that works towards offering two-way live and interactive learning session. It collect information rather than just one way communication from the tutor end, makes classroom live with student’s active participation. Before the planning tutoring session, the students should consider key questions that they think are important.


When online tutoring ask question, give some time to the student to consider the question. If they do not understand the question then rephrase it. When learners remain silent then consider that he may require time to think and formulate their answers. Encourage this gesture.

Inquiry Method:

Inquiry method is also known as the Socratic Method. The inquiry on the subject/topic is made based on the student’s current level of understanding. The inquiry further takes the form of a question where tutor gets to know the student’s knowhow on the topic and progress towards guiding students with new ideas and material on the topic. This increase the knowledge on the subject/topic


Drill is effective strategies where a series of questions are asked which have one right answer. It controls the response of the student which helps to check the memorization power of the student.


The tutor and student can interchange their roles. This is useful strategy which forms the pattern where students explain things in coherent and detailed way.


Ensure that your student apply whatever they have learnt. While online math tutoring session, the tutor should give a couple of Math problems and let your student solve them on their own.

These are major strategies used by tutors in online tutoring services to make the session live, interactive and relaxed. These strategies have shown great improvement in the academic score of the students.


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